Bologna, 16th of June 2017

The Company “Omas Srl under liquidation”, exclusive owner of OMAS brand (duly registered Italian trademark nr. 1473267 dated 04 December 2001, European nr. 2720621 dated 03 June 2002 and International nr. 794617 dated 15 October 2002_), considering the frequent misuse of OMAS brand and names of its fountain pens collections (Ogiva, 360, Paragon, Bologna, Milord, etc…) to advertise and promote third party products and/or commercial activities and the reproduction of OMAS brand on third party products, declares that:

  • any statement or information different from the above regarding Omas brand ownership and any communication of business activities claiming the rebirth of OMAS brand does not correspond to real situation;
  • “Omas Srl under liquidation” has sold its finished products and some spare parts related to them; those products, together with Omas products currently owned by Official Omas Retailers, are the only original Omas branded products;
  • The production and commercialization of items made by third parties bearing OMAS or similar trademark constitute illegal activity, under articles 473-474 Italian penal law and Italian industrial property law D.Lgs. 30/2005.

Consequently, the company “Omas Srl under liquidation” will take all necessary actions to protect its rights and OMAS trademark against every improper and unauthorized use.

Andrea Manicardi 


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